Royal Asante Suite
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The Royal Asante Suite is the Presidential suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and is located to the left of the lobby as you look out over Arusha Savanna. I was able to visit this suite in May, 2001. As you enter into the foyer and turn right you can see the circular living room.

To the left is the dining room.

To the right, before you enter the living room, is the kitchen.
There is a powder room at this end of the suite.
If you enter the suite into the foyer and turn left, there is a long hall and African art is placed throughout the suite.
If you turn left at the end of this hall, there is more artwork and another long hall that leads to the extra bedroom, which is a deluxe room.
But if you turn right at the end of the first hall you enter the master sitting room.
And then step into the master bedroom.

Beyond the bed is the master bathroom, with vanity...

And shower big enough for a family of four!
There is even African art in the bathroom.
The suite has an incredible balcony.